36 new missions to be created in 2024

The Church of Jesus Christ Will Create 36 New Missions in 2024

More missionaries are serving now than the 69,000 who were sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The increase is thanks in large part to Church President and Prophet Russell M. Nelson’s April 2022 call for more missionaries.

“We are incredibly grateful for the response we have seen by so many young people to our beloved Prophet’s clarion call for missionary service in April of last year,” said Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, who chairs the Church’s Missionary Executive Council. “We are witnessing an increased enthusiasm for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. These new missions, spread all around the world, will be a blessing locally as we desire to have more missionaries supporting the units of the Church.”

Church leaders have also adjusted a policy: Prospective missionaries can submit their missionary recommendations up to 150 days prior to their availability date instead of 120 days. This change gives prospective missionaries more time to prepare for their missions, shortens the period between a prospective missionary’s availability date and mission start date, and reduces visa delays for missionaries assigned to serve outside their home countries. …

New missions are coming to 18 of the Church’s 22 areas around the world. These additional areas of service will be created in the following locations, effective July 1, 2024:

Africa Central

  1. Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa South
  2. Democratic Republic of the Congo Kolwezi
  3. Kenya Nairobi East

Africa South

  1. Madagascar Antananarivo North

Africa West

  1. Ghana Accra North
  2. Ghana Takoradi
  3. Nigeria Calabar
  4. Nigeria Port Harcourt North
  5. Sierra Leone Bo


  1. Cambodia Phnom Penh East
  2. Thailand Bangkok East

Asia North

  1. Japan Sendai


  1. Brazil Manaus South


  1. Dominican Republic Santo Domingo North

Europe Central

  1. Germany Hamburg

Europe North

  1. Portugal Porto


  1. México Mexicali
  2. México Puebla East

North America Central

  1. Montana Missoula

North America Southeast

  1. Florida Tallahassee
  2. South Carolina Charleston

North America Southwest

  1. Nevada Henderson
  2. Texas Dallas South
  3. Texas El Paso

North America West

  1. California Modesto


  1. Philippines Dumaguete
  2. Philippines General Santos
  3. Philippines Tuguegarao

South America Northwest

  1. Bolivia Cochabamba South
  2. Ecuador Quito West
  3. Perú Lima Northeast

South America South

  1. Argentina Tucumán
  2. Chile La Serena


  1. Utah Salt Lake City East
  2. Utah Saratoga Springs
  3. Utah Spanish Fork

You can read this full announcement on Church Newsroom.

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