What the Apostles Are Saying on Social Media About Missionary Work

Following the announcement of the new Preach My Gospel and the New Mission President Seminar, we have been privileged to see many posts on social media about missionary work.

Here is a recap of what you may have missed.

On Thursday, President Russell M. Nelson shared a video talking about the new Preach My Gospel manual that will be used. He reminded us that:

“The Lord declared two millennia ago, ‘Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost’ (Matthew 28:19). That commandment is still in force”

President Ballard taught us the important lessons we can learn from Joseph and Hyrum Smith.

“I can think of no greater missionary companionship that has served in this dispensation than the Prophet Joseph Smith and his older brother Hyrum. They were men of courage, faith, and unwavering testimony. As Joseph sought direction from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to re-establish the Church of Jesus Christ on the earth, Hyrum supported him until their dying day.”

Elder Jeffery R. Holland spoke at the New Mission President seminar, and asked for the topic of mission presidents and the impact they will have on their missionaries. He shared more about it in his post.

“My whole life, in the mission—and for these 60 years after it—was reshaped and refined and renewed.

That rebirth and dedicated life came ultimately from my Father in Heaven, but His earthly agent was my mission president, Elder Marion D. Hanks. He opened the scriptures. He opened my eyes. He believed in me and led me to the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Elder Cook invites all, not just the full time missionaries to learn from Preach My Gospel.

“I invite you to study and learn from Preach My Gospel. The principles it teaches can help each of us share the Savior’s gospel and invite others to come unto Him. This sacred responsibility is not just for a select few but for all who have made covenants with God and seek to follow His Son.”

Elder Rasband reminded us that the fruits of missionary work may not be visible immediately, but they are there.

“As those who share the gospel of Jesus Christ, we don’t always see the future consequences of our efforts to share the gospel. What we do might not bring immediate results, but they may have unseen, lasting impacts.”

Elder Stevenson announced the launch of a new Preach My Gospel app for missionaries.

“Like those disciples of Christ who gathered together to learn from Him in Galilee 2,000 years ago, we too can embrace the Savior’s charge to go into all the world preaching the gospel. Studying and using the second edition of Preach My Gospel and the Preach My Gospel app will allow our missionaries to do so better than ever before.”

And, Elder Gong reminded us of the joy that baptism brings.

“The joy baptism brings cascades through generations. It unites families eternally in the Lord. I pray we can courageously invite all to partake of this enduring joy.”

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