We Are The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – Sister Reyna I. Aburto

Sister Reyna I. Aburto, second counselor in the Relief Society general presidency, spoke during the Saturday morning session of April 2022 general conference. She explained that the Church is more than its structure, it’s the members. The following is a summary of what she said.

“The Church is more than the buildings and the ecclesiastical structure; the Church is us, the members.”
“We are The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with Christ at the head and the Prophet as His mouthpiece.”
“When we come to Him and bring those we love to Him, He sees our faith. He will make them whole, and He will make us whole.”

Summary of Sister Aburto’s talk

The Lord is doing a marvelous work through His Church. “Sometimes we are givers and sometimes we are receivers, but we are all one family in Christ.”

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Some sisters feel that serving in Primary or Young Women means they are not active members of Relief Society. But Relief Society is not just a room, lesson or activity, it is the covenant women of the Church — a “global community of compassion and service.” Similar belonging exists for elders quorums and children and youth organizations.

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“The Church is more than its buildings and ecclesiastical structure; the Church is the members, … with Christ at the head and the Prophet as His mouthpiece.”

Belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ is a privilege, “where members can unite their faith, hearts, strengths, minds and hands for Him to perform His mighty miracles.“

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Followers of Christ are striving to become of “one heart and one mind,” and to become like Him.

Even the smallest efforts make a significant difference in God’s kingdom. “Our purpose in His kingdom should be to bring each other to Christ.” And as Christ’s Church, the members are the means through which the Savior will perform some of His mightiest works before He comes again.

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