Superstar Jimmer Fredette is officially headed to the Olympics

BYU Basketball Superstar Jimmer Fredette Set to Play in Paris Olympics

Formerly a beloved basketball player for Brigham Young University, Jimmer Fredette will officially be competing in the summer Olympics in Paris, France.

The announcement of Fredette’s inclusion for the 2024 USA 3×3 Men’s National Team, along with Dylan Travis, Canyon Barry, and Kareem Maddox, was made on March 26.

“There has been a lot that has gone into this process for a year and a half now for me and many more years for my teammates,” Fredette shared on social media. “So grateful to be able to represent our country in Paris! Now the real work begins. Couldn’t be more thrilled to prepare and give it my all for USA!”

The 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris will take place from July 26 to August 11. According to the official Olympic website, “3X3 basketball is played on one half of a basketball court where two teams of three players compete. Both teams attack and defend the same hoop, depending on who has possession of the ball. The winner is the team with the highest score at the end of 10 minutes or the first team to reach 21 points. The three‑point line in conventional basketball serves as the two-point line in 3X3 basketball, with shots made outside the line earning two points and those inside it one.”

BYU Basketball Superstar Jimmer Fredette Set to Play in Paris Olympics

The schedule for 3×3 basketball has not yet been released.

Fredette has many career highlights and is known for his prolific scoring and deep shooting range. He played in the NBA for several seasons and has also played professionally overseas.

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