Discover Who You Should Date: 10 Questions for Latter-day Saint Singles

Dating has never been simple, yet for some Latter-day Saint singles dating has come to feel progressively unimaginable. The facts really confirm that we face numerous advanced difficulties and ideas that can thwart us. It’s likewise a fact that the Lord actually puts stock in everlasting connections and will help us on the off chance that we show genuine plan and confidence.

Elder ElRay L. Christiansen once taught, “True love is not earthbound. It is as eternal as our spirits, which never die. A continuing association in this life, as well as in the next, with those we love, should be the great desire of every person. It is the ultimate. It is the purpose of mortality.”

If you’ve struggled with dating, these principles can feel overwhelming and even heartbreaking. You may not have gone on a date in years or feel like you have no options to move forward. Everyone’s circumstances will be different and we are all required to submit to the will of a loving Heavenly Father. However, we can all begin by pondering on those people placed in our paths and asking for help as we strive to discover who we should date and get to know better.

We’ve gathered ten personal questions, inspired by the teachings of modern prophets, that you can ask yourself. They are based on Christ-like qualities that are important in those you date. Look for these qualities in others. If someone comes to mind after reading these questions, consider reaching out or working on forging a stronger connection in Christ.

  1. Who possesses the same religious convictions and beliefs? (source)
  2. Who is committed to shining and serving in their appointed orbits? (source)
  3. Who inspires you to think your noblest thoughts, aspire to your finest deeds and make you wish you were better than you are? (source)
  4. Who do you find yourself called to minister to and find joy in putting them first? (source)
  5. Do you have an anxious concern for the well-being of someone specifically? (source)
  6. Who has life goals that are compatible with yours? (source)
  7. Who can you talk with easily and enjoyably?
  8. Who is kindly understanding and forgiving of others? (source)
  9. Who do you feel a natural and wholesome physical affection for? (source)
  10. Who keeps their temple covenants and desires a temple marriage? (source)

When we ponder on questions like these, we can come to a better understanding of what is important in a spouse and who has these qualities around us. Are there questions you would add to this list?

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