Experience the inside of Liberty Jail with incredible virtual 3D model

Looking for a more interactive way to teach your family about this week’s Come, Follow Me chapters but live nowhere near Missouri? Now you can walk through Liberty Jail without ever leaving home with this incredible virtual model.

The virtual rendering can be seen through the YouTube video below, or navigated through via Google Street View here or the free Scripture Plus mobile app.

The highly-detailed 3D model was released by Book of Mormon Central and created by a young service missionary, Elder Alex Ducos.

“We interviewed leading scholars, such as Alex Baugh and Casey Griffiths of the BYU Religion Department,” said Daniel Smith, Scripture Plus team lead. “We got their advice on how to make the model as authentic as possible. We also visited the Liberty Jail replica to better understand the site. The eventual goal is to also create an actual VR experience, which will immerse users even more into this important place.“

You can also watch interviews with historians and the making-of process video here:

“We’ve been working on this virtual tour of the jail for about five months or so” said Smith. “We did this with the hope of helping members of the Church of Jesus Christ as well as others better visualize the location in a brand-new way. Up until now, tourists at the Visitor’s Center in Liberty, Missouri could see the physical replica built there, but it can still be difficult to fully imagine since you can’t go inside it.”

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