David Archuleta Releases Energetic Song About New Love, Says Faith is in Limbo

David Archuleta, known best for his 2008 run on American Idol and sugary-teen bops, steps out with a new style in “Faith In Me.” The song and subsequent music video feature Archuleta dancing freely and singing about new love.

“This is the first song I think I’ve released feeling like, ‘OK, I’m at terms with myself, I’ve accepted it, cool,” Archuleta told Billboard in an interview. In 2021, the singer came out as queer and has since worked to find a more stable footing as he comes to terms with his sexuality and prominent celebrity status as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. At the beginning of his journey, Archuleta said, “You can be part of the LGBTQIA+ community and still believe in God and His gospel plan.” Today, he’s not sure if he stands.

“You know, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was my everything,” he told Billboard. “I did everything for it, I sacrificed so much because that was my number one. I was like, ‘This is more important than my career, than any relationship I could have, this is the number one thing.’ And now I’m just kind of, like, thrown for a loop. And most of [my shows] are in Utah, so I guess I just have to be honest with them like I always have. Like, I was honestly, genuinely in love with my beliefs before. And now I just have to be honest with, like, “You know what? This is where I’m at. I’m in a limbo state now.”

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He hopes those who attend his shows and connected with him over a shared faith will accept where he’s at and join him on his journey.

You can watch the new music video for “Faith In Me” below.

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