Church responding with relief after Hawaii wildfires

How the Church is helping evacuees of the Maui wildfires. Five Latter-day Saints died in the fires; meanwhile, the Church is responding with relief as early stages of recovery begin

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are joining with the rest of the community to mourn, assess damage and provide relief from the deadly wildfires that struck the Hawaiian island of Maui almost destroying the entire town of Lahaina and causing countless other damages.

The fires were still not fully contained as of Friday evening, Aug. 11. News reports now list the death toll at 80 people, but Maui government officials believe that number may rise.

Among the dead are five Latter-day Saints, including four members of the same family, reported a news release from

The Hawaii National Guard and other organizations are assessing damage and beginning the recovery process on the island.

Members of the Church are working alongside others to provide relief — delivering critical supplies like baby formula, canned goods, propane and gasoline to people in need — even opening their homes to people who are displaced.

The Kahului Hawaii and Kahului Hawaii West stake centers are open to the community and providing water, basic necessities and hot meals to anyone in need. Supplies will be sent to Maui from the bishops’ storehouse in Honolulu.

More resources and additional leader support from Church headquarters will arrive in the coming days, explained the news release.

You can read the full story, including how Latter-day Saints are planning to marshal aid resources, at Church News.

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