Can Modest Be Sexy? This Boutique Wants to Prove It Can.

Modest clothing is more likely to conjure up thoughts of frump and fuss rather than fashion for many Latter-day Saint women. From bulky layers to baggy silhouettes, it can be frustrating to sort through such uninspired options when the alternative is to compromise your standards.

Luckily, a pioneering women’s boutique is out to prove you can feel confident in their modest clothes not only because they align with your values, but because of their amazing style and design.

Brigitte Shamy, a clothing designer and the founder of, faced a problem many women do—visiting the mall and walking out empty-handed because nothing cute was modest and nothing modest was cute. Experiences such as this, along with her background in designing clothes for other shops, inspired her to start her own business.

Brigitte Shamy founder

One of the first in the industry to create a boutique, especially for modest fashion, Brigitte poured her heart into the company and spent countless hours designing and curating pieces Latter-day Saint women would love. It wasn’t always easy, especially in the beginning.

“For me, one of the hardest things was I was trying to start this company and I had a really young family,” she shared. “I had little babies and I was really trying to find the balance of being wife, mom, business owner, and that was a struggle for me.”

The hard work paid off. Today, is a thriving business that has become one of the top-performing roadshows of all time in Costco. The boutique features beautiful collections enjoyed by thousands of women and Brigitte personally designed every piece in the Brigitte Brianna line.

However, Brigitte has fostered a community of faithful women that goes beyond the clothes.

“When I first started, I believed you could be modest and stylish without sacrificing your standards. I still believe that. As the business has morphed and as I’ve been able to interact with so many women, for me, it’s become so much more than just the clothing,” she said.

“It’s not just the dresses. I think that’s how our business originally started, where designing clothing and selling clothing was our why. It’s totally morphed over the years where our why now has become to make women’s lives better and we just happen to sell clothing.”

How do Brigitte and her dedicated team accomplish this? They strive to help women understand that “sexy modest” isn’t an oxymoron and that the word “sexy” can describe faithful Latter-day Saint women who are confident and comfortable in their skins. Great, stylish clothes enhance and celebrate the light they already have within themselves.’

Want to see some of the beautiful clothes Brigitte has designed? Here are just a few examples of the fashion-forward pieces you’ll see at

The Brigitte Brianna Street Joggers are perfect for any woman on the move. They’re light-weight, wrinkle-free, and feature deluxe non-see-through fabric. Whether you want to dress them up with heels or wear them to bed, you’ll feel comfy and look cute. Choose from ten different colors and patterns!

From wrinkle-free favorites to temple dresses, has clothes Latter-day Saint women will love for any occasion. Kindly use the code LDSDAILY at checkout.

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