10 Amusing Things Latter-day Saints Probably Prayed For

As a unique people, Latter-day Saints may have offered up some of these amusing prayers at some point!

1. “Please bless the person who stole my family’s pew in the chapel, that they may learn to be more considerate.”

2. “Bless the children who sang in sacrament meeting today, that they may someday hit the right notes.”

3. “Please bless the children in nursery, that they may learn to share their toys and their goldfish crackers.”

4. “We ask for your help as we navigate the treacherous waters of family game night for FHE, that we may avoid any arguments over Monopoly and maintain our familial relationships.”

5. “Please bless those of us who struggle with potluck contributions, that we may someday learn to make something other than Jell-O salad.”

6. “We ask for your guidance as we navigate the complexities of Church basketball, that we may avoid any unnecessary fouls and injuries.”

7. “Bless those who find themselves nodding off during the second hour of Church meetings, that they may discover the joys of church sleep.”

8. “We pray for those who are attempting to teach their children reverence during sacrament meeting, that they may be blessed with the strength to resist the siren song of the Cheerios and crayons.”

9. “Please bless those who have been called to lead the children’s primary program, that they may be filled with the patience of Job and the energy of a caffeine-fueled toddler.”

10. “Please bless those who are enduring a long-winded testimony meeting, that they may find the fortitude to stay awake and avoid snoring.”

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